Opinions about the coming Metaverse are as varied as they are strong, and these sentiments are as evident in the average electronics user as they are for the scores of businesses watching the digital world storm us from the hills in what I can only describe as an unbridled forcing of an adoption of a technology that few people understand.

The truth is that something ‘Metaverse’ this way comes, and we are largely powerless to stop it. The tech has been taken out of the bottle and we know that once that happens, a new idea can quickly become an unstoppable force.

Except that the metaverse isn’t anything like a new idea, we just used to call it ‘cyberspace’, but as the worlds of AR and VR become more and more sophisticated, perhaps the word ‘cyberspace’ just doesn’t cut it anymore.

We have been living in a simple form of metaverse for some time already…

Every app, computer programme, or game that has been developed and interacted with since the rise of digital technology can be considered an example, if not a blueprint of the coming metaverse.

The metaverse is coming, whether we like it or not. It will soon be a seamlessly integrated part of our lives where digital retail will be up for grabs while physical ones dwindle into some kind of redundancy and scarcity.

The Metaverse is the next frontier of business, and much like the invention of the railroad brought immeasurable wealth to those enterprises that helped lay its infrastructure, so too will the metaverse. If your business is to make something of it while helping shape it in a way that is positive to society, preparing yourself is key.

The Metaverse & Business

With so much rhetoric being thrown around and echoed about the metaverse, it is becoming more and more clear that not a lot of the people who have adopted the concept, actually have a full understanding of what it is, what its potential is, and what it can do for the next wave of digital enterprises.

Some say it is exactly our world, but virtual. Many others have dreams of it spawning global digital currencies and economies free from the regulations and proximal limitations of trading in physical goods.

Some see it as the next wave of gaming.

But the promise it seams to show to all of us is that it will show a practical shift in how business is done. We’ve had a taste for working remotely, for instance, and the Metaverse is sure to be another component that strengthens the way we do that.

Then of course there are the ideas of creating engaging digital worlds for customers, facilitating stronger collaborations from around the world, and even producing digital products and selling them for digital currencies.

This (especially the latter) is sure to bring unpredictable changes to businesses of all types and the expectations that consumers have about how they receive goods and services, how they pay for them, and indeed, how they earn the currency to do that.

From education and healthcare, to retail, therapy, travel, entertainment, and general living, the Metaverse will gradually grow in size, usage, practicality, and sophistication to eventually become the first natural but digital part of our lives.


All of this means that there is time (but not a lot of it) for businesses like yours to start preparing for the Metaverse. Here are a few ways you can do it…

Get to know your market better

Like social media, the Metaverse is about connecting with people, and you need to know how to connect with them. This means understanding the personalities, lifestyles, pain-points, and desires of your niche.

Reflect it in your brand

If the Metaverse is going to be a large part of your future focus, consider doing what Faceboo… ahem, Meta has done, and rebrand to reflect that.

Take advantage of features

While the average entrepreneur simply doesn’t have the resources to help lay the infrastructure that will bring the metaverse to life, many big companies are already doing it and rolling out their features for others to use. Take advantage of these, play with them, familiarise yourself with the tech.

Learn as much as you can

New concepts and ideas surrounding the Metaverse are being brought to life everyday, there is a bit of an information gold rush underway at the moment. Keep your ear to the ground and learn as much as you can, so that you can be one of the first to take advantage of it.


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