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Mobile applications have become a crucial part of the process for many types of businesses, and while they aren’t necessarily practical for every type of company, service, or product, they can be employed creatively to reach a myriad of marketing and business objectives.

Apps have become an excellent way for business owners to create streams of additional income, while also opening up new channels for marketing and communication, and just about any industry can benefit from this dual-functional nature of mobile applications.

So, if your business is still on the fence about getting a mobile app developed, here are some ways that our team of native and progressive web app developers have seen our work enhance our clients’ operations.


The fast paced world of dining and hospitality doesn’t always seem like the right fit for a mobile application, but there is so much that these businesses can do with it. Our native mobile app developers have seen incremental boosts in our clients’ success in this sphere thanks to apps that make the daily admin of restaurants and cafés a little easier.

The right mobile app lets your customers book tables, view menus, engage with loyalty programmes, or more commonly, place orders online (with or without delivery), which makes sure that your customers have more ways to engage with your establishment.


Whether you are providing a seamless online shopping experience, communicating promotions and events, launching new products, or providing an online catalogue, mobile applications are an excellent way to boost retail and make it easy and enjoyable for clients to engage with your marketplace.

With secure online payment options, discount offers, or even the ability to learn more about your customers’ shopping habits, a mobile app is an excellent way to develop more income in retail and keep items moving off your shelves.


How many of your customers sit down for a treatment and pull out an iPhone or Android device to whittle away their time? Almost all of them right!

This should be evidence enough for you to get a piece of that mobile pie.

You can engage with your customers in-store, get them to review and help market your business through the app. Allow for bookings to be made online, manage appointments, and even pay for them. Give away in-store promotions or attract in new customers through the app.

There are reasons aplenty for salons to get an app to generate more business, and more streams of revenue.


Real estate is already making great use of mobile apps. Give your customers an engaging walkthrough of properties on sale, make listings easier to publish and find, manage bookings, and integrate maps into your app to give house-hunters a better experience.

Give your customers a place to make specific requests that can delimit the kinds of properties you show them, saving everybody time and ensuring satisfied customers more often.


Mobile phones and apps give people unprecedented access to information, making smart devices the ideal platform for education. Set up online curricula, create engaging and interesting educational materials, and reach students from a wider area of locations more easily, cheaply, and effectively.


Business automation is becoming big business because it allows companies to streamline approaches, limit human error, and focus on more important tasks than the necessary mundane daily tasks.

But not every business needs a complicated system of gateways and sensors to take advantage of IoT tech that facilitates automation.

Sometimes all you need is a powerful mobile app that integrates into your system, strengthens communication and logging, and alerts you of deviations when it needs to.

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