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Mobile Application Development Services
There is virtually no limit to the types of mobile apps that Applord can develop in order to suit the needs of your business. We offer app building services for native apps, progressive web apps, VR and AR gaming apps, as well as apps built in PHP on existing dashboards.

Native Apps
A native app is one that has been developed for a particular device or operating system. This way they are able to take control of a device’s functionality such as its camera, GPS or contacts list.
This allows the application to benefit from better functionality, creating more value for the user.

Progressive Web Apps
Progressive web apps mix the best of two worlds into one to provide their users with additional functionality, at the cost of fewer digital resources. Built as though they are regular web pages, these apps allow the user to access their content even when they are offline.
In addition, they offer functionality otherwise only enjoyed by native apps, such as sending push notifications and accessing device hardware.

Unity: Gaming, AR and VR Apps
Mobile applications developed in Unity are ideal for mobile gaming. Unity is a particularly powerful tool for developing virtual reality apps, as well as augmented reality ones. In addition, Unity is commonly used to develop 2D and 3D games of a variety of types…. Read more

While PHP is primarily a language used for coding dynamic websites, it can also be used to build mobile applications in both Android and iOS. It is a language commonly used for command line scripting and is a popular choice for coding apps, since it can work across platforms, allows for quicker completion of projects and offers remarkable stability.

Contact Applord for Mobile Application Development Services
If you are looking for a Mobile Application Development company that you can rely on to deliver functional, bug-free and beneficial apps with the potential to skyrocket your business into a different league, be sure to contact one of our consultants for further details.

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