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Automating business processes makes your business more efficient through using IT systems and software to perform tasks, resulting in reduced cost and errors.

Eliminate business headaches like lengthy email chains that can obscure pertinent details of what is required and conflicting document copies. Business automation eliminates delays and frustration by streamlines these processes.

Automation versus Artificial Intelligence

Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are terms that are often erroneously used interchangeably. Applord offers comprehensive automation solutions, which essentially is the development of software that can complete actions automatically, without human involvement.

Process automation software is implemented to take care of repetitive tasks and manual processes, effectively reducing human error and increasing cost savings.

Automation in the workplace

Sifting through masses of applications is a tedious task that can keep your HR department tied up for extended periods. By implementing automated hiring tools that search for specific keywords the best candidates can quickly be identified.

Scheduling meetings can be frustrating when trying to find the right people to meet in the right space at a time when everyone’s available. Instead of sending group emails to organise this, an automated system can quickly compare availability in everyone’s diaries to find a time that works for everyone, regardless of time zones.

Automation tools built with reliable encryption technology takes the tedium out of completing online forms. They suggest auto-generated passwords that will be tough to crack so you can confidently, securely and easily store payment information in a secure, password-protected vault.

In an age of instant gratification, customers expect round-the-clock. Chatbots are an easy way of automating customer service that can be customised in great detail to suit your business needs and ensure your bot feels human when one is not available.

The benefits of automating your business processes

Automating key business processes can elevate your company’s efficiency to the next level and significantly improve cost-income ratios.

The automation software developed by Applord ensures a streamlined process when upgrading legacy software to be in line with modern frameworks, ensuring highly sensitive data remains secure and guarded against potential threats.

Why choose business automation?

Modern business automation software and apps simplify and speed up complicated workflows, limit problematic errors and provide transparency. You can customise various aspects of the workflow into a central dashboard that always enables you to view your processes in their current stage. The streamlined information allows you to make informed decisions to review, predict or adjust goals.

At its core, business automation gives you the time and resources to deal with and solve higher-level challenges.

Automate with Applord

To find out more about streamlining your business through automation, get in touch with one of our representatives at Applord.

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