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Welcome to Our Application Development Company

We are a premium developer of custom-made, high quality mobile applications for businesses of all sizes and calibers. We house a collection of experienced, talented and diverse developers who are able to develop applications in a variety of frameworks with a passion for their craft.

Applord has been assisting our clients to grow their business for nearly 7 years, and in that time we have matured into a leading global mobile application development company.

Throughout that duration, we have handled a variety of diverse projects, all of which have brought untold benefits to our clients’ businesses.

Why Have a Mobile App Developed for Your Business?
Mobile applications are fast becoming the staple of the modern business world. They allow you to facilitate better communications with your client, while also fostering better and more consistent internal communication structures.

Being able to provide your customer-base and potential clientele with an interactive and meaningful way of doing business, gives companies an edge over their competitors in a number of ways.

The Type of Apps Developed by Applord
Applord has a collection of diverse and innovative skills; affording us an energetic and adaptable approach to app development that gives our clients the bespoke digital solutions they are looking for.

There is virtually no limit to the types of apps we can build for our clients. To this end, we offer a wide selection of app types, including builds of the following:

  • Native Apps: Cross platform and Ionic
  • Progressive web apps (PWA’s)
  • Unity- Gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality apps.
  • Dashboards (PHP)

The Benefits of Having an App Developed for Your Business
Your business stands to gain a competitive advantage by having a tailored mobile application developed. Here are some of the benefits to be gained from doing so:

  • Mobile apps add more value to your products, services and client relations;
  • Mobile apps assist your business with building fortified recognition of your brand;
  • Facilitate better communications between you and your clients;
  • Increase sales with your mobile app, effectively boosting the profitability of your business.

Contact Applord for a Mobile App Today
To find out more about having a mobile application developed for your business by our team at Applord, contact one of our representatives today for a deeper knowledge of our services and what they can do for your business.

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