“Passionate About Mobile”

We are a dynamic team of developers who will assist you with developing your game-changing application and if marketing isn’t your strong point, we can assist you with that too.

Where We Started.
Applord was launched in 2014 as a division of Right Click Media. The core objective of the business is to create web and mobile applications for businesses and consumers. We have a passion for gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, which we have now added to our product offering.

Implementation of Our Business Plan
Elio Crismann, managing director of Applord, realized the lack of skills and knowledge within the application development space in South Africa and had great difficulty finding employees to fulfil the business objectives. Applord had to outsource projects to China and India. In late 2015 after lengthy screening and recruiting processes we managed to put together a dynamic team of developers with the skill set and knowledge needed to grow our business.

The Launch of Internal Applications.
We have launched a number of internal applications, of which some have grown in the international market. In 2015, we launched an app called Weather Women, which shows a picture of a woman and depending on the temperature will determine how she is dressed. We have also launched various other applications such as Peto, Logbook, My Life and Walkers & Talkers.

CSR Initiatives.
In 2016, we launched a mobile application by the name of Walkers & Talkers. This application was designed to give the lower LSM an opportunity to make an additional income by generating leads for people seeking airtime, electricity, insurance or education and receiving a commission on the leads that they produce. This initiative was aimed at waiters, taxi drivers, newspaper sales representatives, and domestic workers.
In 2018, we launched a lifestyle application for individuals who are infected with the HIV and Aids virus. The application offers workout plans, a chat function, frequently asked questions, advice on eating habits, a feature that reminders the user to take their medication and an online learning platform.

Our Client Base.
Our clients include Bidvest Steiner, Monroe Shocks, Trifocus, Jaguar South Africa, Standard Bank, EOH, Tame Times and Nu Metro to name a few.

Independent Company:
We are proud to announce that in March 2018 we became a stand-alone company, independent to Right Click Media; our sister company.

For more information regarding mobile application development, contact Applord or visit our website www.applord.co.

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