Using VR and AR to market your brand

augmented reality/visual reality

Technologically speaking, we live in exciting times. Media and gaming enthusiasts are finally realising the science fiction dream of engaging in fully immersive media as though they were there through the staggering developments in virtual and augmented reality. While these two types of technology are by no means the same thing, they do have similar advantages to offer those who are in charge of digital marketing campaigns. So to show you that these technologies are not only great for entertainment, here are a few ways that you can make them work for your marketing campaigns.

What is virtual and augmented reality?

To begin with, let’s explore what these technologies actually are:

Virtual reality provides a fully immersive and interactive experience through a headset that projects images through glasses or small screens over each eye to create a 3 dimensional and exportable environment. Sometimes the use of precise stereoscopic sound adds to the immersive effect, depending on what type of headset being used.

Augmented reality, on the other hand, super-imposes digital constructs into the real world through similar projections, merging them seamlessly. Meaning games can be played on the dining-room table while films can be watched on a digitally active wall.

While it is plain to see how this can benefit the entertainment industry in a number of ways, these technologies can also provide some advantages to marketers.

Branded merchandise

A commonly used marketing technique that uses VR as its cornerstone, is through distributing branded headsets. Products such as Google Cardboard are relatively cheap to procure, and are easily tailored to your own company image. These can then be distributed to a prospective audience while being used with VR enabled apps that push the image of your business forward.

Interactive exploration

You can allow prospective customers to take a digital tour or inspection of your product, service, event or company by creating a virtual replica of it that your audience can explore through virtual or augmented reality as though the they were actually interacting with it. This goes a long way towards building brand recognition and trust in your products or services; since customers can experience them first-hand from the comfort of their own homes.

Taking advantage of novelty

These two types of technology are still fairly new, and also have a long way to go; yet still there is no shortage of excitement surrounding them, a window that will not stay open for long. So, now is the time to take advantage of this novelty to attract excited customers who are looking for a virtual experience; before the technology becomes commonplace leaving you feeling like your marketing campaign has missed the boat.

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