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We live in fairly exciting times, where tech-junkies can finally enjoy watching the science-fiction dream of the digital world merging with the real one through the development of augmented reality. Thanks to product innovations from companies like Microsoft, superimposing the digital world over the real one so that they interact seamlessly with products such as the HoloLens; which to date has been successfully applied to military use, entertainment, education, and of course, digital marketing.

But what is AR, exactly, and how can you make it work for your digital marketing efforts?

Augmented Reality: What is it?

There is a stark difference between virtual reality and its augmented cousin. While VR completely immerses its user in the digital world, AR superimposes the digital into the real by using cameras, environment mapping and projections. This means that games can be played on the coffee table, you could turn your living room into an explorable Martian landscape, or practice heart-surgery on an anatomically correct and otherwise functional human body without all that hassle of accidentally killing it.

When it comes to AR the functions and applications are practically limitless; which makes it an excellent medium for digital marketing. But why?

Taking up the novelty

Augmented reality is still a fairly new phenomenon, but it is one that is steadily growing in popularity due to its wide range of applications. Though much of its popularity is due to the fact that it is a budding technology surrounded by quite a bit of wow-factor. This automatically makes it the perfect medium for creating memorable campaigns that will attract the attention of a wide array of people.

The novelty will likely wear off given time, since the technology will probably become a commonplace part of society. So, to get the most out of AR based campaigns, one should strike while the iron is hot.

Immersive exploration of products

Giving your consumers a chance to interact with your product (or at least an interactive representation of it) will likely instil buyer’s confidence in them since they are able to explore all of its functions and features as though it were there, before even purchasing or coming into contact with it. This is a powerful and cost-effective way to get potential customers to interact with your product and brand.

Take advantage of a growing technology

Those who jump on the augmented reality train while the tech is still in its early stages will gain a foothold in an up and coming marketing medium which is due to keep developing. This will allow your campaign to build itself around technological developments, giving you an incredible advantage over your competitors who will likely only stagger in once the technology has already taken off, essentially losing their edge over you.

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