Using Apps to Gamify Marketing

using apps to gamify marketing

Whether you love them, hate them or only play them to kill time, there is no denying the steady growth in popularity when it comes to videogames. All over the world various forms of digital gaming mediums are growing and becoming a fixed part of our global culture. While these may seem like points that only the entertainment industry should concern itself with, there are, in fact, many effective ways in which these mediums can be used for marketing.

So, if gamifying your advertising campaigns seems like a strange concept to you, then here are a few excellent reasons why you should seriously be considering it:

Creating an engaging marketing environment

As mediums go, few can match up to the interactive prowess of videogames, just ask anyone who has ever tried to hold a conversation with a gamer in mid-play. As a form of escape, games can be immersive and consuming in a way that very few other mediums can hold a candle to; which means you’ll have your audience interacting with your brand with more interest and for more hours.

Keep customers coming back with rewards

Gaming systems provide the perfect platform for rewards, which can be used in your marketing campaigns. Customers who play on your app can receive rewards that relate to your product, service or event which will keep them interacting with your business for longer; while building a stronger relationship with your brand.

Creating competitive customers

Instilling a reward system in a gamified marketing campaign will likely create a sense of competition between your customers, which means that they will be racing to interact more fully with your brand; resulting in a greater reach and better brand loyalty from your customers.

Widening your target audience

These days, it is widely acknowledged that videogames are not just for kids; in fact, almost everybody interacts with one at some point, particularly when it comes to games on mobile devices. This means that by gamifying your marketing campaign, you are essentially reaching out to a wider target audience through a medium that they enjoy using.

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