The Rise of Native AR Functionality

We are living in an exciting time where the science fiction fantasies of those who have wished for augmented reality in their daily lives, can finally realise the satisfaction of these dreams coming true. There is nothing particularly new about augmented reality, with titles flooding app stores that make use of the camera in mobile devices to merge the digital world with the physical one. Even Microsoft peddles their acclaimed HoloLens to consumers and industries alike; and all the while the software and hardware behind this phenomenon gets better by the day.

What Exactly is AR?

For those who haven’t heard, augmented reality or AR is dissimilar to virtual reality which immerses a user into the digital realm through headsets with 3D visual, audio and tracking capabilities. Whereas augmented reality superimposes the real world into the digital one to merge elements from both of them. This is how players of Pokémon Go could find rare digital creatures in parks, and how the Microsoft HoloLens can track threats in real-life military situations, or allow you to play Minecraft on the kitchen table.

AR for Mobile Devices

Since mobile devices have built in cameras, it makes sense that they were one of the first to take advantage of AR, the tech was already there to make it viable, and since its inception some years ago, has become more intricate, smart and capable. Both iOS and Android are working feverishly to bring this tech to the masses, and as a result, both of their app stores are teaming with software that takes advantage of it.

Soon, all you will need to do to check a restaurant’s menu is walk past it with your phone out to have its daily specials displayed in front of you, though if you think it hasn’t arrived in all of its seamless glory yet, consider the live interactive-filters on apps like Snap Chat which you have probably been using for a while now.

AR and Social Media

In a bid to breathe new life into their Live broadcasts, Facebook has released an AR developer’s kit to the public which supplies them with powerful tools to create advanced, real-time effects and animations for video broadcasts. The software is called AR Studio, and although it is in its BETA stage, the company has invited developers to make use of it. If nothing else, this serves as a sign of things to come, where AR becomes a natural part of our lives just like the internet has.

Marketing with AR Functionality

This rise in functionality and popularity in AR presents a unique set of opportunities for marketers. Imagine AR apps that bring your product into the real-world in a way that it can be inspected by the end-user; or the ability to host digital conferences in the real-spaces of your consumers. Gamifying your campaign through scavenger-hunt apps will increase brand awareness; and these are just a handful of the potential applications. All one would need to be the next big thing in AR, is an innovative app development company that is familiar with augmented reality.

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