How Much Does An Uber Style App Cost?

Uber is probably one of the biggest apps in the world and is available in almost every country. It’s an app that is loved by many but hated by some – mainly taxi drivers and it’s not only in South Africa. There are people every day who wish to build an app like Uber. But just how much would an app like Uber cost?

How does Uber work?

Uber is essentially a Taxi ordering app that is used by millions and it has also created thousands of jobs. People can request their own private taxi at the touch of a button as well as see how much the trip would cost before requesting the taxi.

Uber is so popular because it is generally between 30 and 50 percent cheaper than traditional taxi services and they respond much faster.

But how much does it cost?

It is almost impossible to estimate the exact costs of developing an Uber style app and it will depend on a wide variety of factors such as developer rates, app architecture, your country, the features of the app and much, much more.

However, we have somewhat of a summary of the costs involved to build an Uber style app. This can change depending on many factors though.


iOS application     Android application      App for both platforms

Backend                      R65 000                    R65 000                            R130 000

Development              R130 000                  R156 000                         R286 000

Design/Frontend        R117 000                  R143 000                          R260 000

QA / PM                      R78 000                    R91 000                           R169 000

Total Cost                    R390 000                  R455 000                          R845 000


Features of an Uber style app:

Firstly, Uber isn’t only one app. It is two apps – one for the driver and one for the passenger. These two apps both have different features and are meant to do different things.

Some features of the two apps may overlap but they will also have their separate features too.

The technology that will go into an Uber style app

In case you didn’t know, Uber has disclosed its API to the public as well as application developers and they have introduced their affiliate program where you can build your own tailored Uber style app. The three biggest foundations of an Uber style app are mapping, the server and payments. You will definitely need your own server that needs to be powerful enough to handle hundreds of requests at a time as well as map routes and send other requested data.

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