Gamifying your Marketing Campaign: What; Why and How?

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Whether you once played an Atari or were born with a mobile game in your hand, there is no denying the impact that the growing trend of gaming is having on society. These days you can scarcely make a fruit salad without first having done it on an app, and while there are those who can’t bring themselves to take gaming seriously; there is little room for denial that the demographic of gamers out there is growing steadily across age groups.

As this trend continues, there is a consistently nagging question that is begging to be answered: How can marketing campaign managers make use of this growing trend and potential channel?

How is gaming a marketing channel?

And make no mistake, games are a brilliant marketing channel in the right hands; and have been an effective tool for marketing time and again by big brands like Time Warner and McDonalds; and as the field grows thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile games, it is a channel that has opened as an effective means for anyone looking to target a demographic of anywhere between 16 and 37 years of age.

So, not only is gaming an effective channel for marketing experts to work their magic, it is also a potentially wide one; and the fact that it is more or less untapped in South Africa, makes it a good time for companies who target the above age-demographic to get a foothold on the medium.

Why venture into gamified marketing?

As discussed above, the growing age demographic in both men and women make it a particularly bountiful way to reach a wide audience. Though there are many more advantages to gamifying your marketing campaign by having a game developed:

  • It provides a means to increase customer engagement through digital rewards, enhanced social functionality and genuinely enjoyable content that will keep your target coming back.
  • Mobile games can be used to spread and strengthen brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Mobile games are often a cost-effective and engaging way to communicate promotions.
  • Mobile gaming has brought the gaming industry into the mainstream, the popularity of which makes it a great tool for bridging gaps between demographics in your target audience.

How do you get started?

The most basic of uses (and possibly the least affective) would be to fly pop-ups or banner ads within mobile apps; or, you could create digitally purchasable content for other games with branding on it. A more affective approach (one that has been done to great affect) is to create a game that has the target interacting in some way or another with your brand, product, service or event.

From this point the possibilities are endless. Virtual Reality is available with software development packages, and while it might be impractical for some, could add a rich user experience for others. The trick is to understand your brand and approach the task with its image in mind.

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