The Future of Mobile Application Development

With the smartphone sales bang in the last recent years, as well as smartphones, becoming more affordable, the number of users on the Internet has increased exponentially. The growth in volume has resulted in making the mobile applications industry extremely big. By the end of 2016, it was expected that there would be more than 10 billion devices on the Internet. Here are a few things that relate to the future of mobile application development based on the latest trends:

Cross-Platform & Cross-Device Development

Applications are no longer limited to a single platform. Due to Androids pricing, it will rule the platform business in terms of sales. iOS, on the other hand, will rule the high-end market. Over time, applications will no longer be limited to a specific platform. With the growth of HTML5, the forthcoming of mobile applications will understand hybrid mobile applications and will work for all types of platforms.

IoT Applications

Technology has made everyone vert lazy, but the best is yet to come. The Internet of Things (IoT) will assist us to control things around us via our mobile applications. Google Glass, Apple Watches and others are just the start. In today’s world, we are seeing some excellent models of IoT applications such as self-driven cars, rings that control everything, etc. Over time, we will start to see more of these things being used in our daily lives.

Enterprise Applications

Most of today’s focus is on is on consumer applications, but moving forward the trend will head towards enterprise applications. As enterprises are more eager to fork out money, customers get what they want. In addition, enterprises would like to get up-to-date with the latest technology, and mobile applications will assist in doing so.

Location-based Services

As every one’s day-to-day activities – whether it is calling a plumber or ordering products – have started becoming apps, we are finding more convenient ways to do them. These kinds of applications check your current location and find the best resource that is nearby. In a short while, we will see a rise in location-based applications as it’s demand will grow in customers as well as enterprises.


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