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AR: Turning the World into Your Playground
With all the fuss surrounding virtual reality, it can be easy to miss the chance to get excited over augmented
Machine Learning, Gaming and your Mobile App Marketing Strategy
Machine learning has been in development for some time now, with more than a few major players in the digital
Modern Day Parenting and Mobile Apps
Uproar ensued in the UK last week when a particularly concerned mother and her young child had an unpleasant experience
Rising Concerns About App Quality and Integrity
You may have come across our recent post entitled Modern Day Parenting and Mobile Apps where we detail the misconduct
the rise of augmented reality (AR)
We are living in an exciting time where the science fiction fantasies of those who have wished for augmented reality
Ionic Hybrid Apps: What are They and Why You Should Develop Them?
When creating apps for multiple platforms, developers face two distinct challenges. Firstly, the build needs to be adapted for each
augmented reality
Where the Virtual and Physical Worlds Meet Augmented Reality, also known as AR, dwelled silently in the shower of Virtual
future of application development
With the smartphone sales bang in the last recent years, as well as smartphones, becoming more affordable, the number of
Comparing operating systems has been a past-time for software fanatics since home computing became a reality in the 90’s. As
In September of this year, Apple released their iOS 11 update which brought about a number of notable changes for
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