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The gaming industry has been turned on its head a few times since the release of the first video-games consoles.
History of chatbots - Applord
The History of Chatbots Technology has grown and advanced so much over the past few decades it is actually rather
Growing Your Business With A Mobile App
Mobile applications have come to dominate the social and entertainment spheres in recent years, but that is not where all
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality, once sat firmly in the realm of science-fiction. However, we are now living the dream of having our
How AR is Helping to Develop Crucial Skills
The landscape of education and skills development is constantly changing. New approaches and educational techniques are constantly under development, new
Virtual reality is a 3D computer simulation which the user will see through a device attached to their heads, and
Innovation in Mobile Apps A mobile app is software that is used for mobile devices, whether used as a smaller
The Progression of Gaming over the Years
I was fortunate enough to be born in a time where I was able to watch the inception and development
Categories of Mobile Apps
Software development companies in South Africa have been building specialised apps for years now, and since these types of media
Cross Platform Gaming and the Growth of Mobile
Since the inception of videogames there has been a silent war going on between advocates of varying consoles. PlayStation players
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