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What’s ‘Appening’ to the Youth?
The concern is real and widespread. You only need to take a walk around a shopping centre and try and
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“Passionate About Mobile”
We are a dynamic team of developers who will assist you with developing your game-changing application and if marketing isn’t
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How Chatbot’s can be used for business
What is a Chabot? A Chatbot is an automated application system used to interact with users. Unlike conventional messaging apps,
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Why UI Counts for Mobile Apps
Way back in 1991, Apple released ‘System 7’ to the market, one of the first operating systems to come with
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Yes, You Can Design a Winning App Too!
One brilliant mobile application idea and the effective execution thereof has the potential to shift industries and change lives. Let’s
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Application Design - Applord
Make it your own
Have you found the next best thing? Whether it may be to improve your business, to venter into the next
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AR and VR - Applord
Should Businesses Be Investing in AR Apps?
Augmented reality (AR) is really just the reality of the now. More and more we are experiencing an increase in
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How Indie Developers are Changing the Face of Gaming
The gaming industry has been turned on its head a few times since the release of the first video-games consoles.
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History of chatbots - Applord
The History of Chatbots
The History of Chatbots Technology has grown and advanced so much over the past few decades it is actually rather
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Growing Your Business With A Mobile App
Growing Your Business with a Mobile App
Mobile applications have come to dominate the social and entertainment spheres in recent years, but that is not where all
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