How AR is Helping to Develop Crucial Skills

The landscape of education and skills development is constantly changing. New approaches and educational techniques are constantly under development, new tools to deliver educational content are always being looked at in terms of the benefits they offer to learners from a variety of fields; whether they be at school, or in the professional domain. Augmented reality, a fairly new medium, has been revolutionising the way that intermediate and advanced skills are being enhanced, through carefully targeted apps being developed for the sole purpose of instruction and education; and here’s how that is making a difference each and every day.

How AR Enhances Learning

AR has been taking practice and theory to new heights in terms of skill development. By creating accurate and interactive platforms where processes can be practiced in real-time, without the risk of the consequences of failure. You could imagine the value of this with regards to the medical profession, where mistakes could cost lives, or in the engineering field where they could cost exorbitant sums of money. Though the true value comes in the form of the hands-on experience offered by AR training, which few other mediums can hold a candle to.

Medical and Health

The medical and health fields have some of the most gruelling training. Often, medical students get their practical experience while working with cadavers. This might help to get a better understanding of the human anatomy, but cadavers don’t have working parts, and so they can only offer so much of an understanding. By using AR during practical’s, however, students can engage with the human body and its functions in real-time, being able to see how organs work on a living body, without the risk of causing injury to it, or worse, death. This is because the body and all of its functions would be overlaid to the real world, allowing students to get actual experience, without putting any patients at risk.

Mechanics and Engineering

Getting hands-on experience in the fields of mechanics and engineering can be both expensive and dangerous, and augmented reality is the perfect answer to this. With AR, there is no need to invest in machinery to practice on, significantly reducing the cost of developing skills in this area. It also allows you to see how processes and components work while they are in motion, something that a textbook simply cannot do.

Language And Special Needs

The process of acquiring a new language is being turned on its head thanks to augmented reality, which has made learning simple, fun and engaging. Real-time translations, in some cases, make the need to learn a new language irrelevant, but still makes an effort to develop these skills. AR is also helping those with disabilities such as deafness to overcome such instances, by providing them with interactive language learning platforms that cater for their disabilities.

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Augmented reality has come a long way since its inception, but there is still a long way to go. Each day it becomes more powerful, capable, adaptable and beneficial. To take advantage of this, get into contact with our software development company in South Africa here at Applord. We house some of the most innovative and creative developers around. So speak to us today to have an AR app developed today.


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