AR is Finally Becoming Practical

Augmented reality, once sat firmly in the realm of science-fiction. However, we are now living the dream of having our digital worlds super-imposed over the real one, making it more interactive, exciting, memorable and entertaining. AR has nestled its way into a number of domains, from entertainment and education, right through to business and marketing. In fact, it has come to a point where, with the right app development team behind the production of an AR app, there is almost nothing that this astounding technology cannot do.

Augmented Reality: Beyond a Novelty

AR has been in use for some time now, developing from  its bare-bone use in apps like Snap Chat, to becoming fully integrative with the real world just like in Pokémon Go. However, even these two examples seem somewhat archaic at this point, with AR having gone through a number of transformations in its journey to becoming a commonplace part of our lives. What was once just a novelty has become an important medium for marketing, entertainment, business and even education.

AR in the Real World

One of the biggest criticisms of augmented reality, particularly from those who don’t fully understand the tech, is that there simply doesn’t seem to be any real-world practicality for it. Used largely for games and entertainment, people often find it difficult to see how it can add value to the average Joe’s life. A fine example of why these people are not looking far enough, is this: The Google Measure app, which is a part of their constantly developing AR Core. The measure app does exactly what it says. By measuring the distance between two markers (such as those created by using the app to view an object) it is able to make exceptionally accurate measurements of distance, size and dimensions.

AR in Marketing

Augmented reality is making some startling progress in the areas of marketing, providing audiences with exciting and interactive ways to engage with products, services and brands. Consider for instance, being able to see a restaurant’s daily specials overlaid on your phone by simply walking past a door, or seeing in-depth property listings, complete with floor-plans, videos, images and descriptions, by simply pointing your phone’s camera at a print-ad of a house.

Education and AR

AR is helping people to develop their professional skills, all over the world with specialised apps that are designed to take the cost, anxiety and dangers out of learning new skills. This has been particularly fruitful in the areas of medicine and health, where the human body can be interacted with on a digital scale, in a way that the real-world would never safely allow

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