App Design Tips

Mobile apps are fast becoming the preferred way for businesses to deliver content and information to their target audience, and is also a great way to foster better client interactions. But with so many apps being peddled to end-users, competition to stand out is fierce, which means that app designers need every possible edge that they can get to reach and keep their audience. These tips on which design elements work best with apps will help yours keep you audience interested, engaged, and coming back for more.

One task per screen

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to apps, is their usability. Not everyone out there is as tech savvy as your app developers, and your app should account for that. Providing too many tasks per screen might seem like a good idea with regards to functionality, but what you are really doing here is providing opportunities to confuse your viewers.

Ensuring that each of the tasks performed by your app are presented on a single screen will make it much easier for your users to understand your app, increasing their user-experience, and making your app all the better for it.

Make use of negative space

In any design task, spacing is an essential element which should never be overlooked. It can be tempting for developers to axe out negative space to save space on the screen, but while you might be able to fit more in, you are making things difficult for your user.

Making effective use of negative space is important for ensuring that your app is easily viewable, and therefore, more user-friendly.

Single-handed operation

Taking into account the dimensions of mobile devices is essential to proper app design. Most phone users use only one hand when operating their devices, which means you need to ensure that all of your elements are easily reachable with the flick of a thumb. Placing elements outside of a user’s reach will cause discomfort and will force them to change the way they use their device, which might result in them preferring not to use your app.

Quick response time

We live in a fast-paced world and all of our attention spans have taken a hit for it. This means that your app has to perform quickly enough to user commands to keep their attention. Connectivity issues and slow loading times will only frustrate your users, so ensure that it is deigned neatly, and without any limiting errors.

Ease up on push notifications

The average phone user is bombarded on a daily basis with notifications, messages, emails and group chat conversations that chew up their time, and even cause frustrations. So, why add to the mess by insisting that your app pushes a notification out every minute. To keep your target happy, be considerate of their privacy and hold back on the notifications.

When designing an app for your business, product or service, you can’t afford to let an amateur handle the job. For the best results, enlist in the assistance of an experienced team of designers. Contact Applord today for more information on having your very own app professionally developed.


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