Android O.

Apple often gets all the attention, but people forget that Android is still the biggest operating system in the world. Android can be found everywhere which means it works flawlessly on devices with varying specs including: size, shape and processing power. You can even use Android apps on ChromeOS which brings different gadgets, keyboards, pens, trackpads and other hardware into the equation. Android can also work in your car and your home TV. Android needs to be able to work flawlessly on any hardware, which makes the life of an Android developer very complicated. Google also have to consider all those factors and more when considering upgrades and the like.

Google has thrown a few bones to the dogs regarding the latest version of Android that is set to arrive towards the end of the year. This new version of Android is known as Android O for now. We can only guess as to what the O stands for – Oros? Orange slices? Or does it not mean anything? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. There is no news yet about any mind blowing new features but it does offer enhancements that appear to help Android developers.

The main talk on Android O at the moment is around its mission to put a stop to our worst nightmare – a battery that dies in a couple of hours. Android O promises to combat apps from using unnecessary battery power. Android O will also place caps on background apps that activate when you take a picture or connect to Wi-Fi for instance as well limit what apps can do while running in the background. People who own entry level phones with smaller batteries will be excited about this news and so will those of us who discover that unused app are sapping our battery.

Also coming with Android O is a curbing of push notifications. Notifications will be separated into channels which will separate your notifications into categories. For instance, notifications about messages from contacts that you’ve deemed priority will display first or over the ones from non-priority contacts. Maybe family and then everyone else.

The thing is that in our world, the only constant is change. Things are constantly changing as technology and methodologies improve. This changes the way developers approach mobile application development and how users will interact with those applications. The only way to stay on top is through continuous research and trial and error.

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